Do we ever get to go HOME?

Home is more a time, rather than a place, I think.

We cannot repeat the past.

You can never step into a river the same place you did before, simply because the water in the river keeps flowing.

Time indeed keeps marching on.

Where do we go; ‘home’?

The clock keeps ticking.

Minutes and seconds are irreplaceable.

The years in our past are past.

As much as we try to rewrite history, the truth in history remains permanently etched in place.

Our past can haunt us or it can spur us to change.

We never become unhinged from the moments of our past. It is the fabric that makes up our history, who we were.

How we allow it to handle us, is what matters.

It has been said that a person’s history gives a good indication of a person’s future direction. Is this true? I think but not always!

Going “home again”

Chases up the memories of both the good times and not so good times in our past.

Brings to mind some moments that should remain buried. So are their regrets?


Yes, I have many.

What do we do with regrets?

Do we let them hang around our necks pulling us down into depression?

Can we “flip” them off as insignificant?

What is the purpose of regrets?

Maybe it is a sign of a healthy mental attitude to harbor regrets.

Harboring regrets

Brings to mind a flotilla of boats sitting quietly in the water waiting for someone to start their engines.

Every now and then I “start the engine ” on one of my regrets.

Not good!

The moments I regret are in my past and I do not have it in my power to change my past.

So, I have to let go of my regrets. Learn from them, never repeat doing what I have regretted.

Regrets have become part of the fabric of my past,

unfortunately, sown into my history, with the purpose of influencing me to make better choices going forward.

Do we ever get to go home again?


Memories build the home we visit.

Home is a moment or moments in time, captured in pictures, etched in our memories but unavailable in the present.

So I make the most of this present time since this time will fill my memories in the future.

“…forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead” Phil. 3:13b

What are your fondest memories?

Do you ‘harbor’ regrets? Why?

Please leave a comment, let’s have a discussion.

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