The high priced coffee is what we’re after

If a seventy-nine year old can do it, you can too

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I’m an old retired guy. I love writing what I’m thinking. Sometimes I don’t give enough thought to what I type. And, that’s okay. Writing what’s on your mind is one thing; publishing it to the world is quite another.

I began writing on Medium way back in March 2018…

The problem most of us face is we’ve never have taken the time to describe ourselves to ourselves. Listen, there’s no better time than now

Old man writing note on paper
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First, my disclaimer, I’m not a doctor. In fact, I never played one on TV and I’m not going to act like one now. What follows is my common sense approach to living the life of my dreams. I am writing so you know the possibilities for a better life…

Death has made another visit to my family. Even though I expected his arrival, I didn’t open the door, he did

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Funeral services take center stage as we get into our late sixties and seventies. Is that a problem for you? The death of our loved one presents a problem for us, the living. I have two thoughts on this to bring you comfort in grief.

My second oldest sister, Arla…

Admitting the obvious builds trust

How long does it take you to admit a mistake, a minute, hours, weeks, or never?

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I’m older now than I’ve ever been. I’ll turn eighty in 2022, which caused me to think, how good have I been in admitting my mistakes. Let’s talk about it.

We make choices in life; then, our choices make who we become. One option is to become more human. Some…

Grieving our losses for too long is not the best way to live

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I have been to London several times and took the underground (subway), to different points in the city. When the train’s doors opened, a voice instructed me to “Mind the Gap.” I was to take note of the space between the train and the station’s platform. This phrase, “Mind the…

But we’re okay with being alone, and I’ll tell you why


First, here is the back story. Fran married me 51 years ago, and we’ve enjoyed wedded bliss ever since the ‘I Do’s.’ But, of course, there’s more to our story. When her husband fled the wedded scene, Fran had three children under nine years old. I had one daughter to…

The scammers are prying on us old-timers

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This is my friendly reminder that not everybody’s playing nice.

The phone rang, caller ID was a local number, so I answered. It was Nancy, “Your car’s extended warranty came across my desk today. I noticed your extended warranty has expired, press 2 to connect.”

Do not press 2. …

Richard Armstrong

I’m a deliberate optimist. Your past is not a prophet, at best; it’s only a teacher. I write to educate, entertain, and inspire you to make better choices. Rich

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