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Married fifty years to the love of my life. Often deep in thought on making choices to enrich our lives. Christian. Intentional Optimists

When God taps us on our shoulders, He asks questions needing answers

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I carried my tools home, never to use them again.

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Here’s my point, change is not an end, it’s a starting point

But it’s when the abnormal change happens it brings with it extraordinary possibilities

We are not meant to live our lives alone

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Seven scriptures keeping you in the palm of God’s hand


In and Out is a Hamburger spot, not God’s spot

It would be best if you became the author of your life. Each of us determines to a large extent want we get out of life.

It’s a daily grind, but in the end it’s all gain

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Let me explain.

I am Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company, RICHARD. …

Ecclesiastes has gems of wisdom for us if we search

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But, first, we must tackle the problem

Now, take a deep breath, hold it, now breathe out…

And two poignant questions

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Question one

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